Get in the World of Excellence

The World of Excellence is conceived with the following Statements of Purpose:

The BisikayWorldofExcellence –

The need for human beings to excel in life and beyond is a challenge that we all face from birth to death with very small percentage of humanity ever achieving the desired personal or global excellence. The solution is in a system to facilitate everyone’s capacity to achieve their own needs for excellence successfully. After decades of research and development processes, we have come up with a simple but powerful tips and tool as a game changer in the human search for EXCELLENCE…

To Take Human Beings from Existence To Excellence; one Global Excellence Mastery Achiever at a time

To Design, Develop and Deliver Global Mastery of EXCELLENCE Programmes as a transformational system for Individuals, Couples, Partners, Families, Groups, Teams, Organisations, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Executives, Managers, Leaders and Governments to EXCEL; simply, systematically, sustainably.

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One By One: We ALL Must EXCEL

Because: EXCELLENCE is IN Me as it is IN You… But, We need a System for Taking Human Life from EXISTENCE to EXCELLENCE

This means: Excellence Is The Essence Of Existence… So, We are Taking Human Life / Systems from Existence To Excellence, by giving the world our game changing transformational 12 Mastery of Excellence training and development programmes for Individuals, Couples, Families, Groups, Organisations and Governments to grow from Existence to Excellence… We have designed and developed and are now delivering to the world the following unique super courses for global excellence for all

Meet our Team

Founder / CEO (Chief Educ Officer) BCK GLOBAL

An exceptional dynamic, pragmatic and strategic Teacher, Nurse, Personal & Organisational Management & Development Trainer, Coach and Consultant with over 30 years of commendable practice in education, health and social care services within local, national and international settings, with capabilities and commitment for consistent innovative operational and managerial analyses and solutions for services management and development based on continuous high quality performance strategies to achieve excellent organisational, operational and interpersonal outcomes. Have published several seminal works on Leadership & Management, Learning, Human Productivity and Personal Development. Now, leading World of Excellence services globally


Qualified Teacher / Lecturer / Trainer

  • Registered Nurse / Health and Social Care Case Manager
  • Licentiate Psychotherapist / Counsellor / Stress Management Consultant
  • General / Project / Strategy / Quality Assurance Management Specialist /Adviser
  • Personal and Organisational Development Consultancy and Training Provider / Facilitator
  • Writer / Researcher / Publisher / Philosopher / Entrepreneur

Assessor / Mentor / Facilitator / Educator / Author / Motivator / Innovator / Monitor / Coordinator on Human Excellence Systems


Mr. Kofi TORKU

Associate Director

mr. Kofi has been our associate director of BCK Global World of Excellence


Sarah Agbey


Mrs Sarah Agbey has been the administrator of BCK Global World of Excellence